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School/Sports News -  June 29, 2015

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4-H News

Gyp Hill Pioneer 4-H Club
The March meeting of the Gyp Hill Pioneers 4-H club was called to order by Sierra Cargill. Roll call was “What are your plans for spring break” it was answered by ten members, one leader and five parents. Club project was to donate plaques to the county fair. Our leader and parents congratulated us on doing a good on the club skit at 4-H Days. A special ceremony was held since our Leaders were handing out ribbons from 4-H Club Days. For our program Cheyenne demonstrated on how to make Watergate salad. Lee Roland led our club in recreation. Carrie moved and Jaycee seconded to adjourn the meeting and the motion passed.
Kirk Fisher, Reporter

Gyp Hill Pioneer 4-H Club
The April meeting of the Gyp Hill Pioneers 4-H club was called to order by Sierra Cargill on April 19th. Rustin Ward led us in prayer. Tabitha Ward led the flag salute. Kirk Fisher led the club in a song.
Roll call was answered by thirteen members, one leader and seven parents. Carrie Roland read the previous month’s minutes. They were approved as read.
Jaycee Patton gave the monthly treasure’s report. Cheyenne Lukens suggested our club donate money toward Relay for Life for our April club project.
Patricia Cargill gave the club leaders report and reminded us to be reading the newsletter from the Extension Office. We were also reminded to turn in remaining Blue and Gold money to club leader Debbie Larkin.
In new business, there was discussion about Rock Springs Ranch. This item was tabled. A motion passed to donate to Relay for Life.
Jaycee gave a project talk on her beef project. Lee Roland gave a talk about his arrow bag he had made. Sierra gave a project talk about her lambs. Luke Fisher gave a project talk about his food project, and Carrie gave a demonstration on making salsa.
Jaycee made a motion the meeting be adjourned. Lee seconded it and the meeting was adjourned.
Kirk Fisher, Reporter

Gyp Hill Pioneer 4-H Club
On May 17 the Gyp Hill Pioneers 4-H club was called to order by President Sierra Cargill. The meeting was opened with a prayer led by Cheyenne Lukens, Flag Salute led by Brandon Tillotson and Jaycee led the song.
Ten members, one leader and five parents answered the question: “What are your Summer Plans?” for roll call. The minutes of the previous meeting were read by Carrie Roland.
Jaycee gave the Treasurer’s report for May.
The next club project will be planting flowers at the City Park.
In Old Business, the discussion regarding camp was taken from the table. A motion passed for our club to pay half of the registration for those in our club attending camp.
Demonstrations were done by the following: Jaycee Patton-On Horse Bits, Chambrey Ward-On Her Dog.
Presentations were done by the following: Rustin Ward-Shooting Sports, Brandon Tillotson-A TV shelf he had built, and Cheyenne Lukens on Beef.
Our recreation this month was to play a game of Pictionary.
The motion passed for the meeting to be adjourned.
Kirk Fisher, Reporter




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