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Record  - November 12, 2018

Sheriff's News

10-22-2018 Deputy Miller cleared Highway 281 of debris.

10-22-2018 Deputy Woods assisted MLPD on criminal threat call.

10-22-2018 Deputy Miller responded to a call of reckless driver on Highway 281.

10-22-2018 Medicine Lodge EMS performed transport to Kansas Heart Hospital.

10-22-2018 Deputy Woods responded to a suspicious vehicle in Hardtner.

10-23-2018 Kiowa EMS responded to a call on N. 14th.

10-23-2018 Deputy Miller responded to an accident on NW Indian Road.

10-23-2018 Barber County Sheriff’s Office, MLPD, Medicine Lodge EMS, and Medicine Lodge Fire performed a funeral escort.

10-23-2018 Sgt. Paasch performed a welfare check.

10-23-2018 Kiowa EMS performed a transport to PRMC.

10-23-2018 Sgt. Paasch cleared road debri on River Road.

10-24-2018 Deputy Woods responded to a report of reckless driver on 281.

10-24-2018 Deputy Woods responded to a residential alarm in Lake City.

10-24-2018 Kiowa Fire responded to a a strong odor of Gas on 11th in Kiowa.

10-24-2018 Sgt. Paasch responded to an accident that occurred on River Road.

10-25-2018 Deputy Woods responded to a disturbance call at the lake.

10-25-2018 Kiowa EMS performed transfer from Kiowa Manor to the ER.

10-25-2018 Medicine Lodge EMS responded to a call on Washington Ave.

10-25-2018 Deputy Woods executed search warrant of a vehicle.

10-25-2018 Kiowa EMS performed standby at Kiowa High School.

10-25-2018 Deputy Miller transported an inmate to Pratt county.

10-25-2018 Medicine Lodge EMS performed a standby at Medicine Lodge High School.

10-26-2018 Kiowa EMS performed transport to Pratt airport.

10-26-2018 Sheriff Small transported an inmate from Sedgwick County.

10-27-2018 Sgt. Paasch responded to a suspicious vehicle call on K42.

10-27-2018 Medicine Lodge EMS, MLPD, and Barber county Sheriff Office units responded to a domestic disturbance in Medicine Lodge.

10-28-2018 Sgt. Paasch assisted MLPD with a disturbance at Casey’s.

10-28-2018 Sgt. Paasch and Sheriff ‘s Small assisted MLPD on a follow up activity on Fowler Ave.

10-28-2018 Medicine Lodge EMS performed transport to Pratt.

During the week officers received 11 reports of cattle out; performed 3 public assists and assisted 2 other agencies.

Arrests: 6

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