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Opinion / Religion - December 10, 2018

Mike's World View by Mike Henry

Iím sure youíre aware of the alternate definition of insanity: it is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. As long as we keep rewarding illegal immigrants with jobs, benefits, and amnesty, they will keep coming, wall or not. Thatís why itís important for President Trump to deter these migrant caravans and send a message.

It would be nice if Congress could do its job by passing legislation to deal with the immigration mess, but the political divide apparently is too great. The interest of the party comes before the interest of the nation. It will have to be by executive order, approved by the courts, if we are to see anything done on the issue.

I think both sides are guilty of confusing the issues. Some on the left make no distinction between legal and illegal immigrants even when it comes to voting, and some on the right are so fed up with illegal immigration that they want to ban or seriously restrict all immigration.

The solution is to properly distinguish between legal and illegal. We should welcome the former and deter the latter. I guess itís a good problem to have; we need to build a wall to keep people out, unlike the Communists who built a wall to keep people in. Our free market economy is producing plenty of jobs, but those jobs should go to our own citizens and legal immigrants.

Immigration and trade policies have clearly helped the rich more than the working class. Unfair trade results in job losses for Americans, and illegal immigration keeps wages low, which further hurts the working class. There are powerful forces at work to keep it that way, but we have a president willing to take them on. Thatís why he was elected.



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