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Opinion / Religion - September 26, 2022

View From The Hills: Bless Your Heart

Mark Twain

You know the expression ‘Bless your heart’ is a southern way of being polite and calling you or anyone stupid. Many comics have made this expression a part of their act. This expression is also a way to convey your true feelings while still being polite. This is also a great way to listen to Demoncrats without your blood pressure rising. Actually Ron White’s line that “ignorance can be educated but you can’t fix stupid” is a bit more blunt than polite. It does not change the truth or sentiment of the observation.
My readers who have been wondering when I was going to rant on the latest in Demoncrat politics, bless their hearts, here it is.
We as a country are now approaching two million illegal aliens crossing our borders while Slow Joe has been doing a bad imitation of Darth Vader. Joesephus the Great is holding parties about conquering the inflation numbers of zero. Bless his Heart. Meanwhile whomever it is that is writing his speeches move quickly to walk back anything he says that is off script. Bless their hearts. The Presidential Press Secretary is busy avoiding answering questions thinking she is being taken seriously. Bless her heart.
The Governor of California is now having grandiose dreams of running for President, while at the same time mandating electric cars then turning around and telling his people that they cannot plug in their electric cars. Well bless his heart.
In the meantime, Governor Abbott drop shipped a couple of busloads of illegals on the doorstep of Kamala, when asked how she felt about it, she just ignored the question. Bless her heart.
The pollsters that are supposed to take the pulse of the country are interviewing Demoncrats two to one over Republicans. Bless their hearts.
Martha’s Vineyard folks showed us the true elitist view of the unwashed by complaining of Desantis flying in groups of new gardeners unannounced. When they need extra help they will call Joe. Bless their hearts. Be careful folks, during hurricane season you don’t want your noses too high, you might drown.
The head of our Homeland Security, Mr. Mayorkis, wants the states to quit shipping his invaders to sanctuary cities. That is his job to fly them in at 2 a.m., not bus them in broad daylight. Bless his heart.
Here in Kansas our governor is running against Mr. Brownback, and Joe is running against Trump. Hey! Neither one of them are on the ballot. Bless your heart.
In Austin Texas the George Soros backed District Attorney let a felony manslaughter be plead down to a misdemeanor by an illegal alien. The resulting sentence was for ten days in jail. But the man will be deported. Next week he will walk in over the border again. Bless their hearts.
In the meantime, the Chinese are now buying U.S. land in record amounts, most of it near military and governmental installations. Our state and federal governments are doing nothing to stop it. Bless their hearts.
The inputs for farmers have tripled in a years time, fuel and energy has gone up three times, what I buy in the grocery store has about doubled, our electric bill has gone way up, and we got word that the grocery store is expecting some major supply chain problems the next few weeks so watch for empty shelves. The government is calling all this 8.6% inflation while Slow Joe calls it 0% inflation. Bless their hearts.
And I have talked with people that blame everything on Brownback and Trump. Well bless their little ole pea pickin hearts!
Did I rile you Demoncrats up? Well BLESS YOUR HEART!

By Roger Ringer

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