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Opinion / Religion - August 24, 2015

Ministerís Minutes
Godís love can
create a scandal

By Paul Stephens
United Methodist Church
Jesusí love for people can be deemed outrageous and scandalous sometimes by church folks.
Brennan Manning, in his book, Abbaís Child, references Hans Kung, saying that Jesus was not hated and despised by the religious folks because he cared about the sick and the poor or the hurting. Lots of people care in these situations.
But one of the things that did really hack off some of the religious folks in Jesusí day was JESUSí LOVE FOR OBVIOUS MORAL FAILURES. They thought, How can Jesus love and show favor to THOSE people? But he did!
Jesus loved all people. Even those who were living obviously immoral lives.
He loved them. Genuinely. Helpingly. Showing kindness. He was even known as their friend, actually enjoying sitting down at a meal and eating with them.
God loves everybody. Including people living immoral lives. Manning writes, ďBecause the shining sun and the falling rain are given both to those who love God and to those who reject God, the compassion of the Son embraces those who are still living in sin.Ē
God hopes they will come back. Jesus hopes they will come back. God keeps loving them, hoping that they will.
Jesus loved prostitutes. He was their friend. He loves you too. He is your friend, whatever your life is like. And he loves you, even when we at the church donít get it right. Even if it seems scandalous to some, Jesus will still love you.
Because his love is not based on how good we are. Itís based on how good he is. And no scandal is gonna change his mind about you.
He loves you.



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