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Opinion / Religion - November 29, 2021

Mike's World View by Mike Henry

I’ve not been a big fan of Aaron Rodgers until recently. He had the brains and the guts (something he shows on the field) to challenge the liberal elites and their cancel culture.
And spare me the moral outrage over his little deception (a trick play) by saying that he had been immunized. These liberal elites make a living on deception and half-truths. They were warning against taking the vaccine back when Trump was fast-tracking it; now they’re mandating it. Wrong on both counts. These people aren’t simply wrong some of the time; they are wrong all the time.
The coronavirus is not a serious threat to the young and healthy, especially highly conditioned athletes. Forcing them to take the vaccine is both medically and morally wrong, not to mention a violation of constitutional rights. “Let’s go, Brandon” is the response of many Americans to this pathetic president. Moderate Democrats, if there are any, need to take back control of their party.
So, I say to Aaron Rodgers, “Keep speaking out; you’re giving courage to many others to denounce and even defy these authoritarian leaders. And I’ll really be a fan when you beat Tom Brady in the playoffs.”

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