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Opinion / Religion - July 16, 2018

Mikeís World View

By Mike Henry

Iím happy to see that Holy Scripture is being appealed to in the immigration debate because I believe that it is the highest authority in life. The problem is this: Because of manís fallen sin nature, Holy Writ can be subject to misinterpretation and misapplication.

You may recall that Satan used Scripture against our Lord in the wilderness temptation (Luke 4:8-12) and Jesus countered by correctly using Scripture against him. Thatís what we should strive for. The danger for all of us, even the devout, is that we make the Word of God subject to our opinions, when it should be the opposite.

Some have concluded that since the Bible can say anything that you want it to say, it says nothing at all and should be dismissed. Thatís a little too easy. The Word is Truth, but it must be humbly and diligently sought. Most of the Bible is clear to the honest reader. Mark Twain used to say, "Itís not what I donít understand about the Bible that bothers me, itís what I do understand." Billy Sunday would bluntly tell people, "The contradiction is not in the Bible, the contradiction is in your life."

I think Attorney General Jeff Sessions has correctly applied Ro. 13:1-5 to the immigration debate. New Testament Christians were never taught to be lawless. Our Lord unbelievably submitted Himself to the wicked Jewish authorities and the corrupt Roman authorities. What an example; of course, ultimately He was submitting to the will of God the Father.

So, what about all of the love and compassion verses used to support illegal immigration? We would argue that you must not separate truth and love. Strict enforcement of our immigration laws is ultimately more compassionate because it deters parents from sending their children on a treacherous journey where they are subject to all kinds of terrible abuse.

If you believe that your country is too dangerous, then by all means apply for asylum and get in line, but be warned, if liberals continue to coddle criminal aliens, America may not be any safer than where you came from.


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