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Opinion / Religion - January 13, 2020

Mike's World View by Mike Henry

During the 2012 presidential campaign, then Senator Harry Reed publicly declared that candidate Mitt Romney had not paid his taxes. The claim turned out to be false. When asked about it later Reed said, ďHe lost didnít he?Ē
What bothers me about Democrats and the mainstream media is not that theyíre crooked (weíve come to expect that), itís that they have no conscience about it. Normal, healthy people have a conscience that convicts them when they do wrong and leads them to repent when called on it. We donít see that from the left.
Obama intel officials knew (despite trying to set them up) that the Trump campaign had not colluded with Russia, but they launched a major investigation, anyway, to undercut the new administration. Thatís wrong on every level. Donít count on any confessions, unless itís a plea deal for less jail time.
Furthermore, these liberals have no conscience (though they claim otherwise) about protecting our Constitution. They happily use impeachment as a purely partisan political tool. They want to abolish the Electoral College and allow non-citizens voting rights. They would severely limit religious liberty, free speech, and gun rights, using almost any means to accomplish those ends. Most Republicans use Judeo-Christian values as their moral guide, while most Democrats use Rules For Radicals (dedicated to Satan) as theirs. You can certainly see the difference.
God has given us all a moral conscience, but that conscience must be rightly informed and exercised. Republicans may not exercise their conscience perfectly, but at least they have one.

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