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Opinion / Religion - August 13, 2018

Mike's World View  by Mike Henry


Iíve never been very impressed with the "Iím not a Christian because of all the hypocrites" argument. I think itís just an excuse. If your faith is based on how Christians treat you, then itís only a matter of time before you quit.

Now, it is important that we see something of the life-changing power of the Gospel in the lives of others, but to hold every Christian to a standard of perfection relative to me is both unwise and unrealistic. Our Christian faith should rest on the sure foundation of the Word, the finished work of Christ, and the promises of God.

I have had Christian friends, family, and parishioners greatly disappoint me (lie, cheat, steal, gossip, backbite, etc.) through the years, but my faith is not based on their behavior. My faith is rooted and grounded in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Remember the old hymn "I Must Tell Jesus"?

I daresay that 90% of the Christians Iíve known in my life, from a variety of churches, are genuine, and I would trust them with everything I have. Thatís a beautiful thing. The other 10% are either lacking in spiritual maturity or lacking The Holy Spirit.

We must understand that Christian maturity is a process. Just this week I had to apologize to my wife for a harsh word. We should all be making progress, but perfection awaits the life to come.

We should never use the sins of others as an excuse for our own. Mom used to scold us boys, saying, "You donít worry about your brother; you worry about yourself." Mom was right.



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