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Opinion / Religion - October 15, 2018

Mike's World View by Mike Henry

Is God both sovereign and good? I say yes, but many today say no. They reason that God is either sovereign or good, but He canít be both because of evil. Surely a sovereign (all powerful) God, they reason, would do something about all of the evil in the world.

Our answer from a Christian world view is that God has done something about evil in the world by sending a Savior, namely Jesus Christ, who alone has the power to deliver us from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light. Which would you rather encounter walking alone at night, two men who just came from a crack house, or two men who just came from a Bible study?

Jesus Christ is the answer to the problem of evil and the greatest source of good on the earth. Those wh+o reject Him as Savior simply go on in their sin and will one day face Him as Judge.

God is both good, because He offers so great a salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord, and sovereign, because He will one day put an end to all evil in the final judgment.

What fun is it to be a God of love if you have no one special to love. A world full of fallen and sinful human beings gives God an extraordinary opportunity to show the depth of His love (the cross) and to gain a special people who can sing "Amazing Grace" for all eternity.

You may say, "I donít believe that, Mike." Fine, donít believe it, but you canít say, "No one ever told me," on Judgment Day.

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