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Opinion / Religion - June 12, 2023

View From The Hills:  Look Back and Smile


There is just so much going on in the world that you can be in a bad mood all the time. Amazing how many people actually are. If you keep watching the news you are going to be.
For my readers and others who do not know me personally I thought I would tell you a few things and why I have been smiling a lot.
Last year at this time I had a heart stent put in and then in August had a new heart valve installed. Not exactly the bionic man, most including my doctors thought I should be feeling a lot better. They all get an odd look when I say no. After the first of the year I have been getting short of breath but all the labs and signs are good. In February I really got sick and when I finally went to see my doctor she took one look and frowned. She had never seen me this way. Like it or not I was put an megadose of water pills and my frequent trips to the facilities have turn into the need to just put the bed in there. The first thing lost when things start going wrong is your dignity. I have no dignity anymore.
As I write this I have been homebound since February. I see my cardiologist in the morning.
One thing that has bothered me is my standing complaint with television. The empty universe. I like to be informed, entertained, interested, and have some control over what I spend hours doing. I have been delighted with one form of social media and that is You Tube. There is also a universe of junk but I have found channels that I enjoy over a wide number of subjects. One of those channels is called The Appalachian Channel. There are still some old fashion general stores still open back in the hills and the current subject brought back a lot of smiles and memories.
The latest show they were in a farm butcher shop making sausage, panhause, and liver sausage. I sold my kettles when we moved down here to the hills and I miss using them. I had to smile. I do that a lot lately.
When you get to the point that you are the elder you get a lot of those moments that make you sad and smile. I hope that when this is all over I will be able to laugh with my guardian angel about all of his stories about getting me through all the dumb stuff I did and would not have survived without his shielding, nudging, or just plane shoving me out of harms way. Wonder if there are tailgates in Heaven? Or pot belly stoves? Will there be Johnson Century reels?

By Roger Ringer

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