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Opinion / Religion - May 25, 2015

In July of 1927, the M.L. Indian Peace Treaty Association made the decision to borrow $2500.00 from fifty business men to be used in defraying expenses of the first Pageant, “said money to be returned to donors after the Pageant if funds were available.”

The 2015 Peace Treaty Pageant is just around the corner!
The Peace Treaty Association is depending on our local businesses once again to ensure a successful celebration. Without your support, ticket prices would be so high that no one could afford to attend our event.
We are asking you to be a sponsor of the Pageant celebration. Your sponsorship gives you an advertisement in the Pageant Program, complementary Pageant admission tickets and a free Pageant poster. With a contribution of $1,000 or more, we will also proudly display your banner at the amphitheater during the Pageant.
We raised over $36,000 in 2011, up from about $20,000 in 2006, in cash sponsorships and hope to do even better in 2015.
Pageant Program Memorabilia
We had a lot of interest in 2011 from people in placing memorabilia in the Pageant Program, so we will again be making this available at the same rate as our sponsorships.
For example, for the price of a 1/8th page ad, $125, you could provide us with a picture of your granddad in his costume for the 1956 Pageant. We will include the picture with his name on a 1/8th page size space in the Pageant Program. Doesn’t have to be a picture; they need not be a Pageant participant. Perhaps you’d like to write something about them; maybe they wrote a poem about being a Prairie Flower; there are endless possibilities! ALSO, for a just a $50 donation, we would include your loved one’s name(s) on a simple listing of memorials on a special Memorial page in the program. Living tributes that are memories of past times will also be accepted.
Please especially note the deadline for sponsorships and advertisements is August 1st. We need your camera-ready ad copy and your sponsorship donation by that time. Bring or mail it to the Peace Treaty Office, P.O. Box 128, Medicine Lodge, KS 67104.
Memorabilia information (memorial or living tribute) must be received by August 8th. It must also be camera-ready; information must be type-written.
Please call me if you have questions: 886-0507 (cell phone).
Sara Whelan,
Peace Treaty Association


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