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Opinion / Religion - September 16, 2019

Mike's World Views

by Mike Henry

Two high-profile Christian leaders have publicly renounced their faith. Itís sad, but not surprising, especially when you consider what Jesus said about discipleship. Faith must be tested and proven.
Jesus taught in the parable of the sower (Matt. 13) that not everyone who starts will finish. Some will fall victim to tribulation, persecution, the deceitfulness of riches, and the cares of this world. This usually happens before the person reaches ministry level, but not always.
In the parable of the dragnet (same chapter), we learn that the gospel net catches all kinds that must be sorted out later. I remember seining for minnow bait with my uncle in Crane Creek. We would catch all kinds of things, sometimes snakes.
Perhaps instead of our modern manipulation tactics for soul winning, we should warn people about the cost of following Christ. The good news of the Gospel also includes the bad news. The world may not like you very much. If you canít bear that, donít start.
Jesus said about one of His greatest evangelist right after conversion in Acts 9:16, ďI will show him how many things he must suffer for My nameís sake.Ē Christians around the world understand this; we in America are beginning to.
It may not be over for these two deserters. They may yet call upon the name of the Lord and experience genuine salvation. John Wesley was an unsaved minister for years until the day he cried out to God and was born again.

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