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Opinion / Religion - February 24, 2020

Mike's World View by Mike Henry

I like good illustrations like the following. A little girl asked her mom why she cut both ends off the ham before putting it in the pan. She did it because that's what her mom did and her mom before her. They finally asked great-grandma why she cut the ends off the ham and discovered that she did it because the pan was too short.
The illustration has broad application. Sometimes we continue practices when the reason for them has long passed. "Why do we do it this way?" is a good question to ask.
That's exactly what President Trump is doing regarding America's foreign policy, and the deep state bureaucracy doesn't like it. It's worth noting that the failed impeachment effort was launched by deep state officials over foreign policy differences.
Trump believes that foreign aid should be conditional and limited; NATO should pay its fair share; our troops should come home from Iraq and Afghanistan; conflicts like Syria should be resolved by nations in the region; China, not Russia, poses the greater threat; and America should maintain energy independence.
Foreign policy admittedly is complex, but I think President Trump's instincts are good. He wants to kill terrorists and protect Americans without getting us into another war. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo lets Trump be Trump, while at the same time offering good counsel and guidance. I trust them to make the right decisions. I sure don't trust Democrats like Joe Biden, who former Obama Defense Secretary Robert Gates said was wrong on nearly every major foreign policy issue in the last 40 years.

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