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Opinion / Religion - April 14, 2014

Years ago our local home school group invited our state representative to a meeting. Even though he was a liberal Democrat, he seemed impressed with the home school families and willing to at least tolerate, if not support, the movement.

After the meeting, while visiting, this official asked how we could be both pro-life and pro death penalty. To him, it seemed inconsistent. I was happy to explain. Itís great when liberals and conservatives can dialog. Simply stated, one is innocent and the other guilty.

A little baby helplessly growing in the womb (calling it a fetus doesnít change anything) is about as innocent as it gets, and yet our government, or more properly Supreme Court, has declared open season on these little ones. They can be slaughtered at any time and for any reason under the guise of pro-choice.

On the other hand, those duly convicted of 1st degree murder should, I think, receive the death penalty with no plea deals. They gave their victims no plea deals. The death penalty rightly places the highest value on life. If you willfully take a life, you must pay with your life, anything less devalues that life (Gen. 9:6). I have heard family members say on programs like Dateline and 48 Hours, after the murderer of their loved one received a light sentence, "Is that all their life was worth?"

The death penalty would be more of a deterrent (Ro. 13:4) if it were carried out in a timely manner. Limit the appeal process, confirm the DNA evidence, and carry it out, like in the case of Timothy McVeigh. He, of course, was a right-wing terrorist. The death penalty at least deters that person from doing it again. By the way, McVeigh was an agnostic, not a Christian.

In truth, weíve all been given the death penalty. It seems harsh that God issued the death penalty to our first parents (and us) for a mere act of disobedience. The problem is that we donít understand the magnitude of our sin, Godís holiness, or Christís sacrifice. Ro. 6:23 says it well, "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."

Thereís no way (save the Rapture) we can avoid the first death, but in Christ, thankfully, we can avoid the second death (Rev. 20:6,14).

Mike Henry



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