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Opinion / Religion - April 21, 2014

Iím hooked on Pawn Stars. Itís a show on the History Channel about a Las Vegas pawn shop. I used to think that a pawn shop was simply a den of thieves, but the program shows that it can be a legitimate business, although in Las Vegas you probably donít want to know what these people need the money for. The family members that run the pawn shop are a bit crude, but likable. They try to offer a price where they can double their money, although it doesnít always work out. The lure is that you never know what will come through the door.

The pawn stars will sometimes call in an expert on items theyíre not sure about. The expert will invariably ask, "What are your concerns about the item?" The obvious answer is two-fold, "Is it authentic, and whatís it worth?" Valuable items are sometimes counterfeited. Occasionally, the expert will be so impressed with an item that he will say, "Donít let this item walk, buy it." In other words, pay him what he wants; you may never get another chance to buy anything like it.

Similarly, we are all faced with the same two questions concerning the Lord Jesus Christ. Is He the authentic Son of God and Savior of the world, and if so, what is He worth? Thankfully, we have more than one expert witness. The Apostles were eyewitnesses of His Glory, and all went to their deaths proclaiming the Gospel. Furthermore, we all know Christians who, though not perfect, possess an obviously genuine faith. But by far the greatest witness is the Holy Spirit of God. He not only reveals Godís Truth to us, He indwells us for the ongoing power to live it.

Certainly, there are those who do not believe in the authenticity of Jesus Christ and the message of the Gospel, but far worse are those who would believe, yet are unwilling to give Him their lives, and in effect let Him walk out the door. Thereís no guarantee, my friend, that youíll ever get another chance. Those who plan on repenting at midnight usually die at eleven. A friend of mine, under great conviction, once said, "If I donít do it now, I might never do it." She was wonderfully saved, and today serves Christ faithfully.

Mike Henry



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