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Opinion / Religion - October 21, 2019

Mike's World Views

by Mike Henry

The big, brave NBA can shame and boycott North Carolina for not allowing biological males to use the women's restroom, but they cower before the Chinese communists and their blatant human rights abuses. That is both cowardly and hypocritical. Their morality is selective, and obviously for sale.
We mistakenly thought that by opening up trade with Communist China they would gradually allow western-style freedom. Wrong. They used the wealth to bolster their own oppressive Communist Party control over the people. Instead of accepting our American values of free speech, they are exporting their communist values of intimidation and threats. NBA players and fans must be silent about China's human rights abuses.
The Hong Kong Chinese have enjoyed western-style freedom for decades and don't want to lose it. That's why they are protesting so hard. That could be us in a few years if the socialist Democrats take over this country.
President Trump is at least trying to hold China responsible for some of their unfair trade practices. That's more than any other president has done. I'm sure China would much prefer a Democrat president. Heck, Joe Biden is already bought and paid for. People want to know where Hunter Biden is. Well, he's somewhere living high on the one billion he got from China for simply riding along with daddy on Air Force Two.

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