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Opinion / Religion - July 15, 2019

Mike's World Views

by Mike Henry

Every family has family secrets; mine is no exception. We discovered after my very godly grandmother passed that she had a baby out of wedlock as a teenager.
Back in 1916 there was considerable shame associated with such a pregnancy. The decision was made for her to go live out of state until the baby was born and placed for adoption.
We didnít know any of this until Uncle Everett surfaced with the story. He had discovered who his birth mother was, but waited until she passed to contact the family so as to not embarrass her.
In our shameless culture, we may find this old-fashioned morality strange, but I think thereís something noble in it. Itís not wrong to want to protect the honor and reputation of another.
Todayís approach to the same problem is quite different. Abortion or teenage motherhood is more commonly chosen over adoption. I think thatís unfortunate. For every unwanted pregnancy there are dozens of infertile couples, even existing families, ready to adopt the baby and provide a loving home.
There still is, and should be, a measure of guilt and shame (for the father, too) associated with pregnancy out of wedlock. Abortion, however, only compounds the problem. With adoption you have the consolation of giving the baby life and blessing the socks off a childless couple. Thatís a wonderful consolation.
Iíll admit it: I donít trust this increasingly rabid pro-abortion crowd. Who else will they consider unwanted and decide to terminate?


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