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Opinion / Religion - June 18, 2018

Mikeís World View

by Mike Henry

My daughter Danae works for World Relief as a refugee resettlement specialist. She asked one of her co-workers, a refugee himself from Uganda, what he thought of the presidential election. He was amazed that the people could elect someone so different from the previous president and thought it was great that in America the people truly decide who their leader will be, unlike his native country in Africa. I think heís being assimilated.

Itís true, Obama and Trump are nearly polar opposites. Under President Trump our country is going an entirely different direction. Michelle Obama gave it away when she said during the 2008 campaign that for the first time she was truly proud of her country. She clearly embraced the victim mentality of the left with the notion that America should be punished for past sins. I think she exerted a tremendous amount of influence over her husband. It wasnít "America first" under the Obamas; it was the elitist/global agenda that was first. In every deal, America seemed to get the short end of the stick.

Trump has a completely different view. "America first" means no more bad deals. We must use our strength to negotiate whatís best for our country and then enforce it. He believes that a strong American military and economy is whatís best for the world. I agree. So far, it seems to be getting results. Stay tuned. Quite honestly, it doesnít take much to improve on past administrations.


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