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Opinion / Religion - November 30,  2020

Mike's World View by Mike Henry

Appeals courts overturn verdicts all the time due to judicial misconduct. There’s certainly enough misconduct to warrant the same concerning the recent election, but I doubt if the Supreme Court will overturn a national election unless massive vote fraud can be demonstrated.
The problem we have as Christian conservatives is that we already know the left-wing media, the deep state, and big tech are completely biased and untrustworthy. They will happily lie, cheat, and steal if it means getting rid of President Trump. We’ve seen it for the last four years. Now, we fear that this same attitude has filtered down to election officials and workers in our major Democrat-run cities, where tens of thousands of Joe-Biden-only ballots appeared in the middle of the night.
This probably shouldn’t surprise us; it’s simply the natural outgrowth of the entitlement culture. According to the liberal elites, minorities are also entitled to cheat in elections, and if you dare call them on it you’re a bigot. There’s a reason why Democrats oppose any effort at election security.
It used to be that men of character would say, “I’d rather lose than win by cheating.” That sentiment is mostly gone in post-Christian America. Don’t look for a Biden DOJ, or FBI to investigate any voter fraud. They will either ignore the evidence or try to intimidate whistle-blowers.
It’s sad when nearly half the country does not trust the results of the presidential election. Honest elections are impossible without honest people. Trust, but verify, was Ronald Reagan’s approach to corrupt governments. It now applies to our own government. Until this corruption is dealt with, we will remain the Divided States of America.

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