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Opinion / Religion - October 20, 2014

The Outback Steakhouse has as a slogan “no rules, just right.” I’m sure some ad exec thought that was clever, but who wants to eat in a restaurant with no rules? What, no rules for food preparation and handling, no rules for serving, tipping, or paying the bill? I’ve got news for you, Outback: “no rules” does not equal “just right.” They need to drop that ridiculous slogan.
Far too many people live under the delusion that the rules don’t apply to them and that they can cleverly escape the consequences of their actions.
President Obama must surely believe this. Thanks to a doting left-wing media and a sympathetic (if not somewhat gullible) electorate, he has been able to escape any real consequences for his actions. Things like: bankrupting the nation by spending money like there’s no tomorrow, usurping established law by executive order, and failing to protect our diplomats in Libya then lying about what happened for political gain, just to mention a few. A Republican president would most likely be ousted for doing the same things as this president.
The “no rules” left thinks that they can manipulate and thus mitigate the consequences of their corrupt ways, but time has a way of finding the truth and setting the record straight. The problem, of course, is that it’s well after the election.
By far the worst miscalculation of the no rules left is the belief that there is no Hell to fear, no eternal consequences for sin before a Just and Holy God. The truth is that we can’t escape God’s judgment for our sin any more than we can escape death. God will have the last word. If the Bible is true, we’re all in trouble.
The good news is that the same God who created the rules knows that we cannot keep them, and so sent One who did, and through Him offers us what we really need: His love, mercy, and grace. Hallelujah!

Mike Henry


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