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Opinion / Religion - September 29, 2014

I hate to sound like Ron Paul, but I have a question. Who made America sovereign over the world? Yes, we did have to rescue Europe from two world wars, but thatís where it ends. We havenít won a war since. I wonder why. Could it be that we have lost the blessing and favor of the One who is sovereign?

Did I hear John Kerry correctly? America needs to promote true Islam. Are you kidding me? We have no business promoting any kind of Islam. Furthermore, what is true Islam? Iím afraid ISIS represents true Islam. They literally interpret and practice what the Koran teaches.

I appreciate those moderate Muslims who want to live in peace and reform their religion, but theyíre an endangered species. Unless you can somehow erase all of the "kill the Infidel" verses in the Koran, itís not going to happen. The religion is inherently flawed.

It doesnít take much to bait America into another war; just behead an American journalists on YouTube, and we go to war. Weíve got to be smarter than that. If we had a group of radical Baptists seizing territory in the Midwest, forcing liberal preachers to confess that the Bible is inerrant or else, would we expect the Muslims to send in troops to defeat them? We do things to other countries that we would never allow done to us.

America needs to step aside and let the Muslims fight it out. Itís their country; itís their religion. Iím told that the vast majority of Muslims do not like or want ISIS. Great, then do something about it. If youíre not willing to fight, donít expect us to. We would be willing to arm the good guys if we knew who they were and that they would actually fight.

I donít think the world will end if America doesnít send troops. We donít seem to learn that invading Arab countries is not a good idea. We usually end up making things worse, not better.

Instead of trying to solve all the problems in the Muslim world, we ought to focus on our own. Things like border control, entitlement spending, the national debt, anti-religious bigotry, and excessive regulation, to name a few.

Mike Henry


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