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Opinion / Religion - April 16, 2018

By Mike Henry

I would like to thank Hillary Clinton for being such a sore loser. It makes us glad that sheís not our president and almost guarantees that she never will be. Even her fellow Democrats wish she would just shut up and go away.

I donít think she was ever qualified in the first place. Yes, she had experience, but in my opinion she was mostly unaccomplished as first lady, senator, and secretary of state. I donít think she would have gotten anywhere without her husbandís name.

She was good, however, at fending off so called bimbo attacks against her husband, voting for the Iraq war, raising money for the Clinton Foundation, and getting Susan Rice to go out and lie about Benghazi. But her greatest accomplishment was getting Obama, Lynch, and Comey to clear her of criminal charges on the private email investigation. The fix was clearly in; anyone else (especially a Republican) would have been indicted.

Hillary Clinton not only sacrificed national security for her political ambitions (Do you really think Russian intelligence couldnít hack her home brew server and iPhone?), she also sacrificed the reputation of the FBI and DOJ in the process. The more we learn, the worse it gets. No one deserved to lose that election more than Hillary Clinton.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions should reopen the investigation and prosecute her according to the law. Then after Hillary spends her first day in jail, President Trump should pardon her. That would be a fitting end to the career of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Donít you just love justice mixed with mercy?


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