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Opinion / Religion - September 15, 2014

Pastor Chuck Swindoll tells the story of a man that accidentally sideswiped a parked car. As he got out to survey the damage (mostly to the parked car) he noticed a neighbor on his front porch across the street, observing the whole thing. The man promptly took out a pencil and paper, wrote a note, placed it on the windshield of the damaged car, waved at the neighbor, got in his car, and drove off. The note read, "Sorry about hitting your car. Your neighbor thinks that Iím leaving my name and address, but Iím not. Good luck." As my dad used to say, "Funny, but it ainít funny."

KAKE TV recently did a story about a wheelchair handicapped young lady that received a very nasty note on her windshield for taking up two parking spaces. The critic failed to observe that it was a handicapped vehicle and that all of the official handicapped parking spaces were taken (probably by people that didnít really need them). Anonymous writers often do not have their facts straight.

Iíve had a few anonymous notes (sometimes pages) through the years. Ruth Montgomery, who used to teach a writing class in Medicine Lodge, offered some good advice; she said, "An anonymous letter is from nobody; ignore it." It might actually be a good sign. Spurgeon used to say, "Satan doesnít kick a dead horse." If I never offend anyone, Iím probably not doing anything.

Anonymous letter writing is cowardly. Iím glad Kevin doesnít allow such in the newspaper, although it might make for some interesting reading. There are exceptions, but generally if you donít have enough guts to put your name to what you write, you need to "shizuka ni shiro."

Mike Henry


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