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Opinion / Religion - July 28, 2014

President Obama boasts about using his pen and his phone, and the border crisis is one result of such action. He was ticked off that Congress failed to pass the Dream Act, so he used his pen to do it anyway, resulting in a flood of illegal immigrant children crossing the border expecting amnesty. All of the sick, abused, and dead children are on you, Mr. Obama. You need to take a break from your fundraising and use your pen and phone to fix the problem.

First of all, issue an executive order to seal the border. Donít tell me in this age of advanced technology that it canít be done. Secondly, order all illegals to be warehoused and returned to their country of origin. And third, get on the phone and inform the leaders of all countries involved that their foreign aid will be suspended until all of the illegal immigrant children are repatriated and the flow stops. Instead of these common sense solutions, Obama is pulling the Border Patrol back and secretly placing the children in homes and shelters all over the country, further bankrupting our welfare system.

"Whereís your Christian compassion?" the left charges. Well, sometimes Christian compassion involves enforcing consequences. Whatís Christian about breaking the law and gaming the system for personal gain? Whatís Christian about endangering the lives of children on such a dangerous journey? These coyotes do as they please with the children. Thatís child abuse. If these poor people can come up with $7K for smugglers they should be taking care of their own children and not expecting us to do it.

I actually feel sorry for President Obama. It seems almost everything is spinning out of control and all he has is his left-wing ideology, which is clearly not working. At least Bill Clinton had a pragmatic side in his liberalism, but not Obama. No wonder he spends most of his time at fundraisers where people still love and adore him, instead of at home in the White House trying to solve problems for which he has no good solutions.

Mike Henry


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