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Opinion / Religion - May 20, 2019

Mike's World Views

by Mike Henry

Iím not a big fan of cremation. I know, Iím probably stuck in tradition, but thatís not always a bad thing. As Christians we believe in the resurrection of the body as described in I Cor. 15: 51-53 and I Thess. 4: 16-17. We are not destined to be disembodied spirits; thatís only a temporary state and probably only a blip in Godís eternal time zone. We are destined at Christís return to receive new perfected bodies, no longer subject to decay, suited for eternal habitation. Hallelujah!

I fail to see how burning the body and scattering the ashes supports a Christian belief in the resurrection. Itís been a pagan practice for centuries. The question is: Can it be Christianized? Some apparently think so. I know the Bible says, "dust to dust," and does not expressly forbid such. God certainly can raise cremated remains to life because he has the power and the genetic code for everyone, but why make extra work for him?

Paul likened burial to the planting of a seed. You certainly donít destroy the seed before planting it. Our Lordís body was lovingly handled and prepared for burial, and He serves as our great example in everything. In Christian burial the body is buried facing East in anticipation of the resurrection.

I agree that funerals are way too expensive, but cost should be secondary in matters of faith and conscience.

Check out Doug Enickís answer to this question on Ask the Pastor, posted at the end of this article on our website

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