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Opinion / Religion - May 21, 2018

Mikeís World View

by Mike Henry

Why do liberals like former President Obama seem to favor Islam over Christianity? Do they just like cheering for the underdog, or is there more to it? Well, Christian white privilege is probably a factor, but I think the bottom line is that they support anything that opposes Biblical Christianity.

There are some striking similarities between the far left and Islam. In most Islamic countries, Christians are second-class citizens. The top jobs in government, education, and industry are not open to them, with rare exception. We are seeing the same thing happen in our own country. Pro-life, pro-marriage, evangelical Christians need not apply in the left-leaning business and academic world. Some politicians even try to make it a confirmation test for high office. Mike Pompeo was actually opposed by some in the senate for being an evangelical Christian.

Anti-conversion laws are common in most Islamic countries. By the way, something is wrong with a religion that threatens imprisonment, or even death, in order to keep its adherents. Todayís left is adopting the same approach concerning their sacred LGBT agenda. California is in the process of passing legislation that would make it illegal to publish or distribute materials that would help people overcome unwanted sexual (LGBT) temptations. Thatís in effect an anti-conversion law and the criminalization of the Gospel. In others words, you can convert to sin but not from sin. My friend, that flies in the face of religious liberty.

I have people tell me that I should just forget politics and stick to preaching the gospel. Iíd like to think that I can do both. A faith thatís not practiced in the real world is not a functioning faith. I tell people that Iím going to preach the gospel either way, but I prefer to do it from the freedom of my church and radio station as opposed to a jail cell.

God loves you and Iím trying.





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